The bookcase is complete! I still can’t believe it took so long for the oil paint to dry. This was the inspiration.

Pottery Barn Thomas Wide Bookcase

Here is our bookcase:

Hays bookcase

Oh wow. Doesn’t posting your own pictures make you realize what you could have done differently? I’m thinking we should add a trim piece to the bottom to smooth out the lines a little.  In any case, it is so sturdy and needed. This was our reading nook before. I can’t believe we have been living with our books like that for over two months!

Reading nook before bookcase

We are definitely going to have to build more because we still have a lot of books on the floor. The plan is to build two more. One the same size which will go to the right of this one and another shorter to fit on the wall with the window. We will have a square open spot in the corner if we do that so I plan on making a filler table so the tops are consistent around the wall.

Here are the plans if you want to build some for yourself.