Candle holder

I finally finished converting the two candle holders into tables! They stood in our living room for far too long waiting on two coats of paint.

For those of you who didn’t read the original post, I purchased two of these beautiful candle holders off the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby for $23 each. They were too tall for bedside tables so I cut part of them off and then secured a precut table top from Home Depot on with liquid nails.

Precut wooden table top

With one coat of primer on the base


They finally made it to their new home in the bedroom. One on each side of the bed (yes, I realize the other one was not in place when I snapped the picture).

I bet you are wondering what happened to the part I cut off from each candle holder, right? They are currently on the mantle.

Reinvented candle holders

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