I picked up this window at the Habitat Re-Store for $5 about a week ago and I had a plan to turn it into a wall mounted jewelry organizer. Surprisingly, Matt didn’t think I was insane.

I was afraid the clear panes would look a little weird on the wall so I picked up a can of frosted glass spray paint from Home Depot. I had never used it before but it was really easy and turned out great. All you do is wash the glass and then spray two coats on. It was finished in less than 20 minutes.

I picked up a box of small hooks and painted those with the oil rubbed bronze, drilled pilot holes and voila!

The hooks will easily hold necklaces, bracelets, and rings, but what about earrings? I came up with a solution that I thought would work. I drilled holes on both sides of one of the panes and wrapped the hooks with jute.

Jute wrapped hook

With a little super glue the jute adhered perfectly to the hook and allowed me to pull it tight as I wrapped the other side. I added two screw hooks in the wall and two wire eye lags to the top of the window for hanging.

I still haven’t decided how to handle stud earrings, but I was thinking of picking up a few of the organza bags from Michael’s and then hanging those. Do you have any ideas? This is now hanging on the wall of our closet (opposite the clothes rack).


Also, the paint color is Behr Surfer Blue (I just couldn’t resist the name…it is amazing what has meaning to you when you live in a landlocked state).

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