There was a lot of progress on the bed this weekend. I spent about two hours putting a coat of primer on the first box and then decided that we HAD to have a paint sprayer. We I have been talking about getting one for a while, but my Dad said he had an extra  gravity fed paint sprayer (brand new, in the box) that he would bring up with him the next time he came. So, I waited and waited and frankly got tired of waiting. See the thing about my Dad is that he needs an incentive (a project) to come visit and while we have a very long list of projects they aren’t really up to his specifications. He doesn’t care about repairing the mortar, staining the deck, or weeding the beds. He needs a real project — a take down walls, tear up floors, build a new garage type of project. Since we aren’t planning on getting to those any time soon, Matt and I decided to bite the bullet and buy an electric paint sprayer.

We opted for the Wagner Control Spray Double Duty from Home Depot (which was $69 in the store, not the $54 on the website). It is amazing! How did I live without this for so long?

Matt actually did all of the spraying. I thought he deserved a treat for being such a trooper and helping me cut the MDF. I still don’t understand why that stuff is so heavy. Other than drying time, it only took about 20 minutes to spray all three boxes.

Headboard is attached - still needs the third box on the end

I told y’all in an earlier post that I was making a few modifications from the inspiration. The major one is leaving the third box (at the foot of the bed) open instead of adding the compartments for the baskets. Why you ask?

Major's new home

Major had developed a habit of sleeping under our bed. He had his bed on the floor beside ours, but apparently that was just too out in the open for him. For the last two months he has been squeezing himself under our bed, which was no more than 8 inches off the floor. We really should have gotten a video of this before we took the bed down. He had to maneuver himself in and out while laying on his side. So, I figured I could make him happy by building him a small space to sleep in and keep his bed off the floor of the room.

I’m planning on sewing a bed to fit perfectly in the open space, but it may take a few weeks months until I get to it. The other major modification is that I added beadboard to the back of the compartments and the end panel. I thought it would give the bed more of a cottage feel.

With the baskets

Our baskets from the Basket Lady came yesterday. The quality on these is fantastic. Has anyone else ordered from her before? I searched everywhere and these were the largest ones I could find. In hindsight, I wish I had made the space in between the baskets and the top of the compartment smaller, but maybe once we make the bed it will look a little better.

I apologize for not uploading a finished picture. It isn’t quite complete. We still have to cut the slats to fit between the boxes so that the mattress be used without the boxspring. I couldn’t bear to upload the picture as it currently is. With the mattress and boxspring, we are sleeping 41″ off the floor. Yes, you read that correctly. We are almost halfway to the ceiling. It was hilarious when we set it up, but I’m still not willing to post a picture of it (yet).

I will put together a tutorial with the final post. Hopefully we can get this thing finished in the next day or two.