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Things have been moving VERY slowly on the house, but the kitchen cabinets are supposed to go in tomorrow. Hopefully Hurricane Isaac will not cause any delay. We did pick out most of the lighting for the house and I thought I would share some of those pictures.

These are going on each side of the front doors

The front porch will have two of these ceiling fans

The two smaller baths will have fixtures similar to this, but with three lights and the master bath will have one of these over each vanity.

This is a large 60″ fan that will go in the great room and the master bedroom

The ceiling fixtures throughout the house will be similar to this schoolhouse light, but in oil rubbed bronze with white globes.

This is not the original chandelier we chose, but I decided the other one wasn’t really the right fit. I’m hoping to get one similar to this large pendant from Pottery Barn.

What do you think?


The chandelier arrived and is now in place. The electrical box in the ceiling is not screwed to anything; it is just resting on the plaster boards. A little bit scary, but it seems pretty sturdy. It took much longer to hang than anticipated, but it is up and I love it!

Previous chandelier

New chandelier

New chandelier

I have been looking for a new chandelier since we moved in the house. It isn’t that ours is bad, it just is not my taste. I’ve looked everywhere. Home Depot, Lowes, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Home Decorators Collection, Williams Sonoma Home, etc. Of course the one I found that I thought would look good was in Pottery Barn.

PB Veranda Chandelier

There were two problems with this light. First, the diameter is 32″ and I thought that was a little large for our dining room. Second, it is $349.00. Not really the price I had in mind. So, with a little searching I found a perfect alternative.

Veranda 6 light

The General Lighting ebay store had both the 8 light and 6 light chandeliers. I chose to go with the 6 light because it is a little smaller and I believe it will look more proportional in the dining room. It is exactly the same as the Pottery Barn light for a bargain price of only $89.99 with free shipping. They have the 8 light for $119 and both models also come in either yellow or white wood shades. I opted for the white and I’m still second guessing my decision.

There is a disclaimer that says some units are more red than pictured, but we all know a little spray paint would work just fine if the color is off. Our table actually has red tones  underneath the black where it is distressed, so I’m hoping it will be fine as is.  It was shipped yesterday via FedEx and I’m hopeful that it will arrive by Friday.

I love challenges, so here it goes. If you have something home related that you love, but it is just too expensive send me the picture or a link. I will try my best to find a similar item for less.

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