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I thought it would be nice to visit our bathroom remodel even though we completed it about a month ago. Our lovely cottage was on the market for a long 8 months before we put an offer in and we have a few ideas why.

(1) our driveway is only wide enough for one car and there is no street parking. It can get very frustrating moving cars around so someone else can get out. Lucky for us, our drive way connects with our neighbor and we can stagger the cars so we can get out easily when needed. Our plan is to build a two car garage on the rear property line, which will eventually eliminate any parking issue.

(2) the house was advertised as a 4 bedroom home. While technically true, the fourth “bedroom” is 8′ x 9′. More of an office than a bedroom. We have a plan for that as well. Eventually it will be a third bathroom.

(3) the only bathroom upstairs (share by two/three bedrooms) appeared to be designed for a small child. A toddler could easily fit between the sink and the tub and also wouldn’t have to bend over to brush his or her teeth. However, since the master bedroom is upstairs and we are both of average adult height, we needed to find a solution.

Bathroom before

Wall that was removed

Matt hard at work - view from the office.

Our solution was to remove the closet from the bedroom/office which is adjacent to the bathroom and then move the sink into the old closet space.

Excuse the really bad floor plan. I did it at work and the only software I have to work with is Paint. In the old design, the door swung open to the right side and in the new design it opens to the left.

Bathroom after

An amazing find was the tile box in the basement. We were able to look up the company online and found out The Tile Shop still carries it. It was wonderful to not replace the entire floor! We aren’t sure exactly when the upstairs was added, but we think it was sometime in the 40’s or 50’s. I really have no idea how people lived with the old layout for so long. We lived with it for less than a month.


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