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Wow, what a weekend. It is very sad that it is coming to an end so quickly. There isn’t a lot that is finished, but we have a great start on a few things.

Thomas wide bookcase

The plan is courtesy of Ana at Knockoff Wood. She is amazing! This is a PB design and we are planning on building at least three of these. We just wanted to test one and see how it turned out. It currently has one coat of oil-based PB decorators white paint. I can’t believe how long it takes oil paint to dry! The second coat should go on tomorrow and once we get it upstairs I will post an update. That was project #1 for the weekend.

I’ve also been dreaming about these tables as bedside tables, but couldn’t bear to spend that much. Besides, I want white ones and these are 26″ in diameter (too big).

Pottery Barn Rustic Pedestal Accent Table

Well, on Saturday I was shopping for fabric at Hobby Lobby and look what I found on the clearance aisle.

Candle holder

Not just one, but two! They were marked down from $69.99 to $23.99. I wasn’t sure if they would work, but I decided to give it a go. I purchased two 15″ round table tops from Lowe’s for less than $7 each on my way home. (In my excitement, I also forgot to look for untreated 4x4s – see wooden buoy post).

Precut wooden table top

The candle holders were a bit too tall so Matt & I cut them off with the hack saw. I primed them and secured the top with silicon (the candle holders were made of some type of resin). The silicon is still drying so I probably won’t be able to paint them until later this week. I’ll publish an update post when they are complete.

Still needs paint

Somehow I also finagled Matt into moving the bedroom furniture around. We are planning on building some type of bookcase to go where the white table is but for now it looks better than the tall dark dresser we had there.

Moved the chair to this corner. Hung the curtain rod and added the long drapes. We are still in need of wall decor, especially above the bed. I’m working on hanging shelves, which should go up in the next few days. For now though, it is getting closer to feeling like a beachy retreat.

Drop cloth drapes


I recently found some photos that inspired me to decorate our master bedroom. The only thing we have done to it since moving in is paint the walls and ceiling. The previous owners painted everything tan, including the ceiling and we wanted it to have some warmth and personality.

Previous owner's master

I found this picture on and thought I came close to matching the paint color.

It would have been great if they listed the paint color

However, the paint dried significantly darker and brighter than I had originally thought. Here is a picture of our bedroom now.

Master bedroom - not really the blue I was hoping for

I’m sure the paint color will change in the next month or so.

Since we can’t spend every day at the beach, I at want to go to sleep and wake up feeling like we are close to the sea. Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware have some fantastic pieces that would look great, but who really spends $1325 on a lamp?

Royal Master Sealight Lamp

So, if anyone finds a lamp similar to this one for about 25% of the price let me know. I also saw this picture on Daily Vitamin Sea and fell in love with the Japanese glass floats.

Japanese glass floats

I just checked ebay and luckily there are a fair number of these for sale. I think they would look great hanging from the ceiling in front of the large picture window.

Roman shade I recently made

Here is another picture of the window. The stained glass is the previous owner’s and is no longer there.

The glass floats would hang from the eye bolts already in the ceiling

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