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I picked up this window at the Habitat Re-Store for $5 about a week ago and I had a plan to turn it into a wall mounted jewelry organizer. Surprisingly, Matt didn’t think I was insane.

I was afraid the clear panes would look a little weird on the wall so I picked up a can of frosted glass spray paint from Home Depot. I had never used it before but it was really easy and turned out great. All you do is wash the glass and then spray two coats on. It was finished in less than 20 minutes.

I picked up a box of small hooks and painted those with the oil rubbed bronze, drilled pilot holes and voila!

The hooks will easily hold necklaces, bracelets, and rings, but what about earrings? I came up with a solution that I thought would work. I drilled holes on both sides of one of the panes and wrapped the hooks with jute.

Jute wrapped hook

With a little super glue the jute adhered perfectly to the hook and allowed me to pull it tight as I wrapped the other side. I added two screw hooks in the wall and two wire eye lags to the top of the window for hanging.

I still haven’t decided how to handle stud earrings, but I was thinking of picking up a few of the organza bags from Michael’s and then hanging those. Do you have any ideas? This is now hanging on the wall of our closet (opposite the clothes rack).


Also, the paint color is Behr Surfer Blue (I just couldn’t resist the name…it is amazing what has meaning to you when you live in a landlocked state).

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Candle holder

I finally finished converting the two candle holders into tables! They stood in our living room for far too long waiting on two coats of paint.

For those of you who didn’t read the original post, I purchased two of these beautiful candle holders off the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby for $23 each. They were too tall for bedside tables so I cut part of them off and then secured a precut table top from Home Depot on with liquid nails.

Precut wooden table top

With one coat of primer on the base


They finally made it to their new home in the bedroom. One on each side of the bed (yes, I realize the other one was not in place when I snapped the picture).

I bet you are wondering what happened to the part I cut off from each candle holder, right? They are currently on the mantle.

Reinvented candle holders

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That is a proverb that tells our dilemma (see photo below)

Matt’s numerous hats needed a home other than the closet floor. So, here is my solution…

Yep, just a chain, some “s” hooks, and a hook to go in the wall. Ta-da!

This cost less than $8 to make (I don’t know the exact amount because there is no way I can go in Home Depot and just buy a few things). Now I think I may need one of these for my handbags.

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Wow, it has been a hectic week and a half and we haven’t done a lot around the house either. Matt’s family came into town for Memorial Day weekend and it was so great to spend time with everyone. We cleaned out one of the flower beds in the backyard and planted new flowers. Of course it didn’t occur to me to take a before picture but I did find one that shows most of it.

Bed before weeding

Our niece was so excited about helping us weed and plant. I wish she was here all of the time.

The finished product…


Matt’s parents also brought our dishes that we received as wedding gifts from many of the people in his hometown. I was a little unsure what the quality was going to be like because I requested a brand that I had never seen in person, but all of the dishes are fabulous! The plates must weight at least two pounds each. If you are looking for white dishes I recommend you check out 10 Strawberry Street. The bubble glassware are made by TAG.

All of these new dishes make me want to get to work on our kitchen cabinets.

The bookcase is complete! I still can’t believe it took so long for the oil paint to dry. This was the inspiration.

Pottery Barn Thomas Wide Bookcase

Here is our bookcase:

Hays bookcase

Oh wow. Doesn’t posting your own pictures make you realize what you could have done differently? I’m thinking we should add a trim piece to the bottom to smooth out the lines a little.  In any case, it is so sturdy and needed. This was our reading nook before. I can’t believe we have been living with our books like that for over two months!

Reading nook before bookcase

We are definitely going to have to build more because we still have a lot of books on the floor. The plan is to build two more. One the same size which will go to the right of this one and another shorter to fit on the wall with the window. We will have a square open spot in the corner if we do that so I plan on making a filler table so the tops are consistent around the wall.

Here are the plans if you want to build some for yourself.

Wow, what a weekend. It is very sad that it is coming to an end so quickly. There isn’t a lot that is finished, but we have a great start on a few things.

Thomas wide bookcase

The plan is courtesy of Ana at Knockoff Wood. She is amazing! This is a PB design and we are planning on building at least three of these. We just wanted to test one and see how it turned out. It currently has one coat of oil-based PB decorators white paint. I can’t believe how long it takes oil paint to dry! The second coat should go on tomorrow and once we get it upstairs I will post an update. That was project #1 for the weekend.

I’ve also been dreaming about these tables as bedside tables, but couldn’t bear to spend that much. Besides, I want white ones and these are 26″ in diameter (too big).

Pottery Barn Rustic Pedestal Accent Table

Well, on Saturday I was shopping for fabric at Hobby Lobby and look what I found on the clearance aisle.

Candle holder

Not just one, but two! They were marked down from $69.99 to $23.99. I wasn’t sure if they would work, but I decided to give it a go. I purchased two 15″ round table tops from Lowe’s for less than $7 each on my way home. (In my excitement, I also forgot to look for untreated 4x4s – see wooden buoy post).

Precut wooden table top

The candle holders were a bit too tall so Matt & I cut them off with the hack saw. I primed them and secured the top with silicon (the candle holders were made of some type of resin). The silicon is still drying so I probably won’t be able to paint them until later this week. I’ll publish an update post when they are complete.

Still needs paint

Somehow I also finagled Matt into moving the bedroom furniture around. We are planning on building some type of bookcase to go where the white table is but for now it looks better than the tall dark dresser we had there.

Moved the chair to this corner. Hung the curtain rod and added the long drapes. We are still in need of wall decor, especially above the bed. I’m working on hanging shelves, which should go up in the next few days. For now though, it is getting closer to feeling like a beachy retreat.

Drop cloth drapes

I thought it would be nice to visit our bathroom remodel even though we completed it about a month ago. Our lovely cottage was on the market for a long 8 months before we put an offer in and we have a few ideas why.

(1) our driveway is only wide enough for one car and there is no street parking. It can get very frustrating moving cars around so someone else can get out. Lucky for us, our drive way connects with our neighbor and we can stagger the cars so we can get out easily when needed. Our plan is to build a two car garage on the rear property line, which will eventually eliminate any parking issue.

(2) the house was advertised as a 4 bedroom home. While technically true, the fourth “bedroom” is 8′ x 9′. More of an office than a bedroom. We have a plan for that as well. Eventually it will be a third bathroom.

(3) the only bathroom upstairs (share by two/three bedrooms) appeared to be designed for a small child. A toddler could easily fit between the sink and the tub and also wouldn’t have to bend over to brush his or her teeth. However, since the master bedroom is upstairs and we are both of average adult height, we needed to find a solution.

Bathroom before

Wall that was removed

Matt hard at work - view from the office.

Our solution was to remove the closet from the bedroom/office which is adjacent to the bathroom and then move the sink into the old closet space.

Excuse the really bad floor plan. I did it at work and the only software I have to work with is Paint. In the old design, the door swung open to the right side and in the new design it opens to the left.

Bathroom after

An amazing find was the tile box in the basement. We were able to look up the company online and found out The Tile Shop still carries it. It was wonderful to not replace the entire floor! We aren’t sure exactly when the upstairs was added, but we think it was sometime in the 40’s or 50’s. I really have no idea how people lived with the old layout for so long. We lived with it for less than a month.

The chandelier arrived and is now in place. The electrical box in the ceiling is not screwed to anything; it is just resting on the plaster boards. A little bit scary, but it seems pretty sturdy. It took much longer to hang than anticipated, but it is up and I love it!

Previous chandelier

New chandelier

New chandelier

I found this chair about two weeks ago at the Habitat Re-Store. Since I am going for a beach feel in the master bedroom, I thought that it might have some possibility of working. I spray painted the bottom a sand color. I’m thinking this may look better white in the end, but I’m still not sure. I also recovered the cushion, which proved to be extremely difficult because there were 5 cushions, not just one.

Do you think the base would look better white?

Every home owner and home buyer knows how important curb appeal is. I suppose our little cottage had some, but it really had nothing to do with the landscaping and everything to do with the house itself.


As soon as the snow melted, Matt became obsessed with making the grass as green as possible and that quickly evolved into wanting to change the entire landscape. We had the fortunate opportunity to visit the Lexington Home and Garden show in early April and there he fell in love with a tree. In hindsight we should have bought it at the show, instead we decided to take a trip down to the nursery that had it. Glynn Young’s Nursery is located in Nicholasville, KY, about 15 mintues from our house. We were greeted by the owner, Marty, and showed him the landscape plan I had recently worked up on the computer. According to him, the plan would be great for the 2 or 3 weeks flowers were blooming and other than that time it would look like a bed full of weeds. Back to square one, right? No. Marty took a look at the pictures of our house and offered to draw us up a new plan while we waited.

A half hour later we had a completely new landscaping plan for both the front and back and a bit lighter pockets. We took what we could that day and the rest of the plants, including Matt’s beloved Lion’s Head Japanese Maple, were to be delivered the following Saturday. After two very long days of planting, we now have a beautiful front yard.


Matt’s beloved tree is the one on the far left and we have nicknamed it “Mr. Miyagi.” It grows very slowly and turns a reddish/orange in the fall. Moving from left to right, there are ghost ferns, a pieris (in the back), blue star junipers, and green tower boxwoods. On the right side, moving from left to right, more green tower boxwoods, blue star junipers, a kousa dogwood, japanese plum yews, hosta, and hydrangeas. The idea is that we will have some color in the beds year round. I also refinished the two large pots using black hammered spray paint.

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