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After moving into the house, we realized the sleigh bed was way too large for the room. I set out to find a new headboard and really couldn’t find anything that fit the picture in my mind of what I want the room to look like.

I then decided that I could find an old panel door and convert it into a headboard. This hunt turned out to be more difficult than I imagined it would be. I finally found one on the 2nd visit to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.

Door after stripping

The door was the right size and was extremely heavy. I figured by the weight that it was solid wood. After an entire container of citrus stripper, I discovered the panels were not solid wood. So, I scrapped the idea of staining the headboard and decided to paint it.

Since the bed is a queen, the headboard needed to measure 60″. I cut the top of the door just below the two panels and then trimmed the bottom to make the ends equal.

Headboard before molding

I added a piece of trim molding around the top and sides, caulked, and painted. Finally, I lightly sanded some places to give it a rustic or distressed look. Lastly, I painted and slightly distressed it. It is bolted directly to the bed frame and seems to be holding up just fine. The bedding is also a work in progress. I recovered two accent pillows the other night and have a few more to go. I also need to pick up a white bed skirt and a couple of shams, hopefully I can do that this weekend.


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