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It has been a while since the last post and I would love to say it is because we have been busy around the house, but truthfully we weren’t. We took a long weekend and flew down to Tampa to visit friends. One of my best friends had a baby a little over two months ago and Matt and I went down to see them. He is so beautiful!

His family is coming up this weekend to see the house for the first time so we probably won’t be starting any major projects this week. It is really nice to have a break but at the same time I would love to get a project or two knocked off the ever growing list. (How is it that it never gets shorter?)

For some reason I have been really drawn to wood ceilings lately. I can’t decide if one would look good in our house, but I wanted to post some pictures anyway.


I recently found some photos that inspired me to decorate our master bedroom. The only thing we have done to it since moving in is paint the walls and ceiling. The previous owners painted everything tan, including the ceiling and we wanted it to have some warmth and personality.

Previous owner's master

I found this picture on and thought I came close to matching the paint color.

It would have been great if they listed the paint color

However, the paint dried significantly darker and brighter than I had originally thought. Here is a picture of our bedroom now.

Master bedroom - not really the blue I was hoping for

I’m sure the paint color will change in the next month or so.

Since we can’t spend every day at the beach, I at want to go to sleep and wake up feeling like we are close to the sea. Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware have some fantastic pieces that would look great, but who really spends $1325 on a lamp?

Royal Master Sealight Lamp

So, if anyone finds a lamp similar to this one for about 25% of the price let me know. I also saw this picture on Daily Vitamin Sea and fell in love with the Japanese glass floats.

Japanese glass floats

I just checked ebay and luckily there are a fair number of these for sale. I think they would look great hanging from the ceiling in front of the large picture window.

Roman shade I recently made

Here is another picture of the window. The stained glass is the previous owner’s and is no longer there.

The glass floats would hang from the eye bolts already in the ceiling

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