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I finally finished the hanging wall shelves for the bedroom and they are great!

Hanging wall shelves

I originally saw these on My Home Ideas but I decided to make some adjustments. Theirs called for inserting small dowels under each shelf to hold it in place.

I opted to tie a knot under each shelf.

The knots made leveling the boards a little difficult, but all in all it took less than 20 minutes to hang and put them in place. I had a little assistance from Matt. He was pretty good at telling me if they were level or not. (The shelf is hanging at the foot of the bed so he had the perfect vantage point)

Hard at work

I had a hard time adjusting the shelves properly on the floor and found it was easier to hang the rope and then add each shelf one at a time. I secured a wall hook with anchors and draped the two ropes through it. The anchors were larger than the hook so I’ll have to go back and touch those up.

Wall hook

I also only used three boards instead of four. The spacing was too small between shelves with four boards.

Material list:

8′ 1×8″ – cut into 30″ sections (three sections)

24′ sisal rope (I used 3/4″)

1″ spade bit

Wall hook


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I have big plans for the weekend, with a to-do list much longer than Matt would like. We have been in need of a new outdoor table since moving in. We currently have an old picnic table that was under a large tree in the backyard (and by the looks of it, it was under those trees for a few years). I found a great set of plans for a table and chairs on Knock Off Wood. Ana is amazing! She takes pictures of furniture, figures out how to make it, and then posts detailed plans online. With one minor adjustment, here are the table and chairs we will be constructing.

West Elm Table

I think it looks great, but it would look sturdier with 4×4 for the table legs instead of the 2×4. As if that wasn’t enough to keep us busy most of the weekend, I’m also planning on throwing in the construction of hanging wall shelves. I’ve been going back and forth about what type of wall shelves would look right in our bedroom. Floating? Corbels? Then I saw a picture and knew that I had found the right shelves for our beachy bedroom.

Hanging wall shelf

Picture is courtesy of My Home Ideas. I haven’t decided what color the actual shelves should be, but of course I am leaning towards white. I really do need to get over my obsession with white furniture. I’ll post on Monday and let everyone know how things turned out.

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